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There are times when we all need help, admitting it can be the hardest part

If you are here, then you have already taken that first giant step;  you have responded to that niggling voice that says perhaps life could be better, perhaps you could do something to change, perhaps there is something more than this.  

You've taken the hardest step alone.  Well done.  

But you don't have to be alone through the rest of your journey.  With tailored services to your individual needs and issues, I can help you take the next steps.

During our initial consultation we will identify those areas where you want help, where you need help and discuss the best ways to move forward to affect positive change in your life.  

BUT:   Therapy is not a quick fix.  The process of therapeutic exploration of the self can be difficult and it will require a commitment from you.  Beware anyone who tells you otherwise.

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